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Metabolic Pathway Builder

Metabolic Pathway Builder is a software and data platform that enables fast, accurate annotation & comparative analysis of multiple organisms and strains. MPB provides you with an efficient, rapid, and largely automated pipeline for functional and comparative annotation and pathway analysis.



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Conduct complete analyses from sequences & proteins to the relevant metabolic reactions and pathways:


  • Annotate your nucleic and proteic sequences quickly
  • Determine core and pan-genomes efficiently
  • Predict protein functions and enzymatic activity better with our benchmarked methods
  • Save your annotated genomes in MicroB for future reference or additional analysis
  • Visualize and identify specific, common or complementary pathways between organisms
  • Find and visualize targeted metabolic pathways using chemical structure searches
  • Understand and visualize the impact of gene expression on metabolism
  • Use the full range of genomic, proteic and metabolic data in MicroB for your annotation and comparative analyses


MPB seamlessly integrates a wide range of analytical methods and data for your genomic, proteic and metabolic research. 


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The Metabolic Pathway Builder software and data platform includes:







We’ve integrated cutting-edge algorithms and methods with state of the art visualizers and reporting tools, solving formatting & compatibility considerations, and leaving you free to concentrate on the biology. Publication-quality graphs, tables and screenshots are directly exportable from the software to your desktop.



See MPB Features


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