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WallGene 1.4 is online

And we have a handfull of enhancements to present!



 In the "Build a dataset" section, you can now: 
  - specify the name of the dataset, and add a comment for future reference
  - set more parameters in Blast parameters, including the query coverage
  - collect organisms wearing a gene of interest, indentified by its name, locus, annotation, or EC number
  - browse the taxonomy more efficiently, with additionnal filtering options
  - browse the organism list more efficiently, with additionnal filtering options
In the dataset viewer:
  - In all tables, you can now choose what information should be displayed, and in what order.
  - DotPlot: 
     - added filters: locus tag, gene name, sequence, product
     - automatic selection of the genes displayed in The Wall
     - improved axis labels
  - The Wall : 
    - move into a non-pivot genome
    - reverse-complement any genome
    - display the size of a selected gene in the sequence tooltip
 - Line plot : 
    - display the size of the sequence in the sequence tooltip
  - Core Genome 
    - Filtering on gene table
    - Drag'n'drop of genomes in the plot
    - Order by pairwise specific genome size
  - GeneList : 
    - go to the Wall from a specific gene of a non-pivot genome
    - hide the 3rd table if the option "specific genes" is selected
We are still working hard for adding new functionnalities to WallGene, such as FASTA files extraction from the dataset viewer, and other surprises...


We really hope you will enjoy all these new features, and as usual, feel free to contact us for any question you may have!


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