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KoriBlast 3.1 now available

KoriBlast 3.1 is a major update and includes some great new features that make large-scale data analysis easier for users:


- The new data management engine enables users to manage large sequence files and results (eg 300,000 annotated proteins)


- The new HTML export feature makes sharing results with colleagues or clients straightforward and convenient


- The Massive Sequence Editor is one of several user interface enhancements. It enables researchers to easily extract a subset of sequences from a file containing well over 200,000 sequences and to obtain a rapid overview of the distribution of sequence size


- Take your EC-annotated Blast results and immediately explore the metabolic pathways in which these enzymes are implicated (available in the KoriBlast –PathwayExplorer and KoriBlast- Metabolic Pathway Builder packages)


KoriBlast 3.1 is integrated with Genostar’s Metabolic Pathway Builder software platform and also with the individual modules GenoAnnot and PathwayExplorer.


KoriBlast 3.1 is also available as a stand-alone module.


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