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IFREMER Chooses Genostar

IFREMER's Microbiology of Extreme Environments department chooses Genostar's Metabolic Pathway Builder for metagenomics research.

The French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea, IFREMER, is using Genostar's Metabolic Pathway Builder for the analysis of a small metagenome (15 Mb) obtained by pyrosequencing. The software is being used to annotate the metagenome, with a focus on the genes linked to the various metabolisms involved.

"In particular, we're targeting the genes implicated in carbon fixation, sulfur oxidation and iron oxidation. Metabolic Pathway Builder is proving to be an excellent tool for this project: it enables good annotation, direct visualization on the contigs of both coding sequences and added annotations, and also allows us to visualize the coding enzymes present directly on the relevant metabolic pathways on KEGG maps," notes scientist Cyrielle Jan. "The prediction of proteic functions is equally appreciable, as is the fact that we can export the data as we choose - after a bit of practice and a short training class held at Genostar in Montbonnot, the software is proving to be both easy to use and a good fit with the genomic analyses that we are conducting at IFREMER."



IFREMER is a public institute of an industrial and commercial nature that performs targeted fundamental and applied research to address the questions posed by society such as climate change effects, marine biodiversity, pollution prevention, seafood quality and more. Through its research work and expert advice, Ifremer contributes to knowledge of the oceans and their resources, to monitoring of marine and coastal environments and to the sustainable development of marine activities. For further information, please visit IFREMER’s Web site.


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