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Metabolic Pathway Builder 3.10

Genostar is pleased to announce the release of Metabolic Pathway Builder 3.10.


Here is a quick summary of new features and improvements:


  • Create or update your own genome(s) into MicroB from GenoAnnot or PathwayExplorer
  • Search individual genes / proteins in MicroB
  • Compute a nucleic multiple alignment and build phylogeny trees in GenoAnnot
  • Find EML pattern occurences among features in GenoAnnot
  • Export feature(s) sequence's neighborhood
  • Create a sub-table from selection in GenoAnnot


Try it


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Export your genome in MicroB

Export your own

genomes in MicroB

Search gene or protein in MicroB 

Search gene or

protein in MicroB

Nucleic alignement and phylogeny

Nucleic alignement

and phylogeny

 Find EML pattern occurences


Find EML

pattern occurences

Export features sequence's neighborhood 

Export features



Create a sub-table 

Create a sub-table


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