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We offer a complete range of services including:



  • Bioinformatics analysis services - Genostar offers a wide range of services from sequence annotation to comparison of metabolism. We also offer services for analysis of gene expression in terms of genomic localization, functional annotation and metabolism. Genostar's highly skilled and experienced team will deliver services tailored to your requirements using our proprietary tools.


  • Customized datasets - Genostar's BacDat datasets are customized, ready-to-explore datasets of 1-4 organisms. A BacDat dataset is created from the results of a specific data analysis.


  • Workshop: Comparison & annotation of bacterial organisms - With advances in sequencing technology, multiple strains of bacterial organisms are being sequenced and studied.  Quickly extracting the most relevant information requires new, comparative, analytical approaches at the genomic, proteic and metabolic levels. In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn the theory and have significant hands-on practice in the practical application of these new approaches, making use of Genostar's Metabolic Pathway Builder software and MicroB database.          


  • Workshop: Genetic interaction networks  - Molecular interactions determine the dynamics of cellular systems. Mathematical modeling permits to understand/ decipher these dynamics, using knowledge on discrete interactions as a starting point. During these two days you will be trained in the fundamentals of mathematical modeling as well as the principles of the construction and simulation of models. You will have hands on practice completing the modeling, simulation and validation of a genetic regulatory network using Genostar's dedicated software (Genetic Network Analyzer).


  • Training and support on our software - We provide both on-site and Web-Ex training on our all our software and data platforms. Our bioinformaticians, bio-analysts and software developers are happy to customize our training classes to meet your research needs.



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